Silueta Porteña 2018 Hamburg

Sweet Memories Pickings  

Tango enthusiasts had a special experience again in April.
From South to Nord and East to West … half the world seemed to be gathered at the
Silueta Porteña in Hamburg.
A few photos as gleanings that are not posted by me on public ( facebook etc ).
and only available to the participants…. If someone wants to publish his own picture, or what else  😉  of course do it. 😉 If you have questions to the pictures, ask.
Feel free. enjoy the pictures. To see the photos you need the code.  You need the album-code  click here. OR you know the code? click here
ABRAZAMIENTO  😘🥂 made this Encuentro💃🏼 possible.

Silueta Porteña 2018
Friday afternoon
Ricardo Peixoto (P/UK)
Silueta Porteña 2018
Friday Evening
„Las Manitas” (F)
Silueta Porteña 2018
Saturday Afternoon
Martin Ottmers (D)
Silueta Porteña 2018
Saturday Night
Lampis Zalavras (GR/USA)
Silueta Porteña 2018
Sunday Afternoon
Anders Båtstrand (N)
Silueta Porteña 2018
Sunday Paella Party
Paella fresh
Silueta Porteña 2018
Suse (D)
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